— Isaac Lythgoe

Born in Guernsey 1989. Isaac Lythgoe is a sculptor and writer, he studied painting at the Royal College of Art, London (2014.)


Repurposing ideas from narrative and storytelling traditions, his work is an open-ended discussion of prospective technologies and how they might influence our future societal structures. Ethics, romance and mortality serve here as fluctuating narrative arcs – vehicles to mediate a research practice, which considers the integration of synthetic and biological systems as the most prescient grounds for change to the human experience. In practice these ideas are approached both conceptually and materially; works appear as stories, playing out in a blend of symbolic organic materials and new media techniques, the handmade and the machined in continual flux.


Isaac Lythgoe graduated from the Royal College of Art. His recent exhibitions include “After Laughter Comes Tears” at the MUDAM, in Luxembourg, “On the edge of all this sprawl of night and cities”, at Super Dakota, in Brussels, “A Short Distance Ahead”, Cité Des Arts Internationale, Paris, “Sentient beings living worthwhile lives”, Galeria Duarte Sequeira, Braga, “Sa mémoire dans le maison vide, souffle comme une brise dans les rideaux blancs”, Fondation Fiminco, Paris, solo booth at Liste Art Fair Basel 2019, the National Portrait Gallery in the show « Michael Jackson, on the wall », the Moscow Biennale, Seventeen Gallery in London, Exo Exo in Paris, the gallery Fran Reus at Palma de Majorque. He is currently part of the residency program at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.


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