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Ariane Schick
New Me, 2020

Super Dakota is proud to present for the ninth edition of its online video screening: “New Me”, by British & French artist Ariane Schick. The artist presented video in October 2020 during a private performance at the Hope Sandoval project space in London. For the performance, she reads sentences picked out from “Sex and the City” episodes; advice, thoughts, flippant remarks merge into a text that reads as an internal monologue. 

Video still, Ariane Schick, "New Me", 2020.

Schick reads the monologue twice; once in each of the two windows of the project space. The performance, that happened without an audience, was filmed and subsequently edited into a short video “The New Me” for the @h.o.p.e.london instagram page. In the video, the mirrored readings are chopped up into a snappy conversation between the same person who flicks back and forth, from window to window. All the while, a close up of a flower fills the screen as a transclucent layer. The flower sits on the window sill of the space, its size and stillness in contrast to the hastiness of the edited ‘conversation’.

Ariane Schick during her reading at Diaspore, London, 2018.

Ariane Schick (Ashford, 1984) lives and works in London. She graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris and has a Post graduate from The Royal Academy, London. Her work explores subconscious social experiences. Through a varied practice her work activates muscle memory by engaging the viewer’s emotions and desires. She has had exhibition at AND / OR, London ; Super Dakota, Brussels ; Magenta Plains, New York ; Alain Gutharc, Paris ; Smart Object, Los Angeles ; MOT International, London… . Ariane among others prizes received the Noilly Prat prize for sculpture and the Fondation Cini prize in Venice.