— Video

Ariane Schick
The New Me, 2020

Super Dakota is proud to present for the ninth edition of its online video screening: “New Me”, by British & French artist Ariane Schick. The artist presented video in October 2020 during a private performance at the Hope Sandoval project space in London.

For the performance, she read sentences picked out from Sex and the City episodes; advice, thoughts, flippant remarks merge into a text that reads as an internal monologue. She read the monologue twice; once in each of the two windows of the project space. The performance, that happened without an audience, was filmed and subsequently edited into a short video “The New Me” for the @h.o.p.e.london instagram page. In the video, the mirrored readings are chopped up into a snappy conversation between the same person who flicks back and forth, from window to window. All the while, a close up of a flower fills the screen as a transclucent layer. The flower sits on the window sill of the space, its size and stillness in contrast to the hastiness of the edited ‘conversation’.

HD Video, 1 min.