— Thom Trojanowski

Thom Trojanowski (b. 1988) is an English artist based in Genk. His multi-medium practice can be perceived as a fruit of his symbiotic relationship with nature, merging autobiographical elements, folk tales and mythologies. In Trojanowski’s environments, the textures are rich, shapes are distorted and colours are vivid. They depict the complexity of forests and the relation between the organisms that inhabit that ecosystem. Inviting and intimidating at once, nature morphologies are used as archetypes to convey deeper aspects of the relation between its elements: Human figures, trees, spikes, butterflies and moths become motives that reinforce the interaction and complexity between entities.

Selected (group) exhibitions include the Torrence Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles; Eccelston Project Space, London; Hannah Barry Gallery, London; The ArtStation, U.K; Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp; The Cork Street Galleries, London; Atlas House, Ipswich; CGK, Copenhagen and selected (solo) exhibitions include Everyday Gallery, Antwerp; L21 Gallery, Palma Mallorca; Asylum Studios, U.K; TRADE Gallery, Nottingham…

Thom Trojanowski CV