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John Baldessari Piracy (vol.2)

09 November – 16 December, 2017

PIRACY is an illegal diffusion of video contents.
PIRACY is a film program in several volumes presenting movies available online for free.
PIRACY is questioning the notions of diffusion and education against transgression.

John Baldessari
Six Colourful Inside Jobs, 1971

In « Six Colorful Inside Jobs », Baldessari draws a parallel between a double process of life and creation. The video shows a room being painted in six different colors, each color of the spectrum corresponding to a day of the week. This work, which started as a performance/installation, integrates the artist as a comic figure faced with contemporary history that of American painting and shifts his function toward that of a house painter. Through this form of irony, Baldessari shows to what extent instruments and materials help him define the subtle limits between art and work, art and life.