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Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte Piracy (vol.5)

11 January – 23 February, 2019

PIRACY is an illegal diffusion of video contents.
PIRACY is a film program in several volumes presenting movies available online for free.
PIRACY is questioning the notions of diffusion and education against transgression.

From the classic 1968 campaign for Braniff International Airways with Salvador Dalí to the more recent 2015 campaign of Brioni with John Armleder, Karl Holmqvist, Tobias Madison and Seth Price, there have been crossovers between art and advertising. They are both closely linked with a market and look at each other’s seductive powers for inspiration.
René Magritte, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and others began their careers as commercial artists and later used its techniques in their own work. Artists like Francesco Vezzoli have replicated the strategies and aesthetics of commercials while others like Jeff Koons investigated the themes of brands, pop and consumer culture in their practice with at the pinnacle Andy Warhol bridging the gap between advertising and art.
The advertising industry is a creative one where advertising agencies have to create and communicate clear messages in a simple image or a short commercial. They need to be creative and at their often turn to the methods of the arts to for a maximal impact on the viewer. Occasionally they even commission artists for their campaigns and try to align themselves with the arts by featuring artists as endorsers in their ads.

Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte is an independent curator based in Brussels. He is the founder and editor of the interview series Drawing Room Play about the art, books, music, movies and people that inspire us. He was the Artistic Director for the 2018 edition of the Brussels Gallery Weekend.

Films :

Alex Prager for Missoni, 31sec
Andy Warhol for TDK 31sec
Andy Warhol for Braniff Airlines 30sec
Collier Schorr for Brioni 2min47sec
Collier Schorr for Y3 3min7sec
David LaChapelle for Armani 1min39sec
Greed by Francecso Vezzoli 1min14sec
Gabriel Kuri for Acne 3min17sec
Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler 2min18sec
John Armleder, Karl Holmqvist, Tobias Madison and Seth Price for Brioni 1min32sec
Kenneth Anger for Missoni 2min32sec
Larry Clark for Converse x JW Anderson 31sec
Lucien Smith for H&M 21sec
Marina Abramovic for Adidas 2min38sec
Roe Ethridge for Tiffany’s 45sec
Ryan McGinley for Acne 21sec
Ryan McGinley for Nina Ricci 1min1sec
Ryan McGinley for Calvin Klein 1min1sec
Ryan McGinley for Mercedes 2min23sec
Salvador Dali for Alka-Seltzer 28sec
Salvador Dali for Lanvin 17sec
Salvador Dali for Braniff Airlines 30sec