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Ariane Schick 20/20 Vision

12 June – 17 July, 2021

Super Dakota is proud to present “20/20 Vision”, Ariane Schick’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. Schick’s works continue to expand on her explorations of subconscious social experiences. Through a varied practice her work activates muscle memory by engaging the viewer’s emotions.

“Images, zooms on pictures from my archive, flick to a ticking sound. The pictures were taken to remember, to not forget, to send to others, for me, for a future me, for others. They are all of my pictures from 2020 and run chronologically from January through to December. What is seen isn’t the full picture; zoomed, cropped and sometimes hazy, they’ve lost their descriptive purpose. The information, their representation is gone, leaving bits and parts, shapes and colours of details or backgrounds. Meanwhile, not far off a fountain gurgles and its motor buzzes. It’s makeshift – a storage box, a pump and some water turned make-believe fountain. Its looping presence is ostentatiously meek. All the while Time is kept; fragile but resolute, on fabric collage clocks on the walls. Twenty-twenty vision is thought to be excellent or even perfect when in fact it’s average. A clarity that’s often flawed and is always, inevitably, incomplete. It’s common; a shared experience of seeing. The works build off a past – or pasts – but intimate an after, a future.”