— Danica Lundy

b. 1991, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Lives and works in Brooklyn.

Danica Lundy builds worlds to evoke vivid, slow-release experiences that sit on the tongue and dissolve in the mouth. Autobiographical content shares space with collective and imagined histories. Recently, these worlds have settled in around adolescence, where sentience is heightened to a fever pitch and many versions of selves are tried on and discarded. Thinking about the dull edge between woman- and girl-hood provides access to a familiar paradigm of untidy transformation— of discovery, danger, and abrupt loss of innocence. Reoccupying it helps inform pictorial decisions, so that a painting can become a poem, a nightmare, a construction site; a lived-in arena for testing out the limits of one’s own power.

Lundy received her BFA from Mount Allison University and MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She concentrated in painting and was the recipient of the Leipzig International Art Programme Residency and the Chubb Post-Graduate Fellowship. A three-time Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant recipient, Lundy has exhibited internationally, with solo shows in Canada, Italy, Germany, and USA. Her work has been featured in fairs including Art Basel Miami Beach, Sunday, and Tomorrows/Today at Investec Cape Town.

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