— Connor McNicholas

Connor McNicholas combines disparate objects and materials from varying times, cultures, and contexts into sculptural assemblages that present nonhierarchical ways for structuring reality. In his approach, McNicholas articulates both poetic variations and diversity while dissolving boundaries between binaries such as past and future, primitive and modern, natural and synthetic, and model and reality.

He constructs models of speculative environments by crystalizing new properties formed through the synthesis of natural and synthetic materials into a flux of hyper-objects. His use of diverse materials both found and constructed, juxtapose historical art-making practices (ceramics, bronze casts) modern technologies (3D printing, electronic audio equipment) and organic matter (driftwood, plants) to create an abstract framework inviting the viewer to interconnect with a complex mixture of geological, biological, technological, and social constructions alluding to both where we come from and where we are going.

Connor McNicholas (b. 1990, Oakland, New Jersey) holds an MFA from ICP-Bard, Queens, New York (2015) and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Recent solo exhibitions include A Center Such as This at M23, Brooklyn, New York (2018), In All the White the Wall Is at Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium (2016). His work has been exhibited at Andersen’s in Copenhagen, Denmark, Annarumma, Naples, Italy, Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany, Jacob Bjorn, Aarhus, Denmark, Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, Germany, International Center of Photography, New York, New York.

Connor McNicholas CV