— Adrian Geller

Adrian Geller (b. 1997) is a Swiss artist based in Paris. Adrian Geller’s paintings trace back to the contemplation of the Goethean heroes, characters from folklore, tales and legends, artisans, traveling to unearth their own peace and serenity trough wild and dramatic landscapes, and in the process uncovering reality’s detachment from nature thus becoming unnatural. 


The relevance and accuracy of Geller’s recreated world resides in his questioning and re-imagining of a symbiotic bond between humans and nature. At a time when environmental and sociological crises have unpredictable impacts on our collective experience, and life in general, Adrian Geller unveils our very own condition and leaves us gazing at the world in disbelief. 


Adrian Geller studied illustration at the atelier Angoulême, France, and he is currently enrolled in his fifth year at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Recent exhibitions include Perrotin, Paris, Capsule Shanghai, Villa Noailles, in Hyères, Chez Valentin, in Paris, Stone Oven House, in Turin ….


Adrian Geller – CV