— Adrian Geller

Adrian Geller (b. 1997) is a Swiss artist based in Paris.  Geller’s practice delves into the intersections of social behaviours, craftsmanship, tales, myths, and legends, expressed throughout histories. By merging elements of memory, art history and personal experience he constructs a reimagined world where new narratives emerge to interrupt normative processes around ideas of progress.


Populated by recurring male characters confronted to their most primitive instincts, Adrian Geller’s paintings often portray figures that are free to explore the world through their own means. Within his body of work, they travel and unearth their own peace and serenity trough wild and dramatic landscapes. Naked men oscillate between showcasing their vulnerability towards our human condition and moments of intimacy, which can be perceived as a way of conveying intimate feelings and deconstructing the male archetype.


The relevance and accuracy of Geller’s recreated world resides in his questioning and re-imagining of a symbiotic bond between humans and nature. At a time when environmental and sociological crises have unpredictable impacts on our collective experience, and life in general, Adrian Geller unveils our very own condition and leaves us gazing at the world in disbelief.

Adrian Geller studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, France. Recent exhibitions include Capsule Venice, Perrotin, Paris, Capsule Shanghai, Villa Noailles, in Hyères, Chez Valentin, in Paris, Stone Oven House, in Turin, François Ghebaly, in Los Angeles ….


Adrian Geller – CV